The first time I bought a tarot deck I never in a million years thought I would be doing readings for others. When I was in the store, I used to look at the decks and all the beautiful artwork. I thought they were for someone who wasn’t me – a psychic. The lady at the store showed me a deck because she had seen me looking at them all the time. I told her I really loved the artwork. As soon as I held the deck my hand and arm started shaking. She told me, “That means you would make a good card reader.” I wasn’t sure but I bought a few decks anyway because they were too pretty and I had to have them. For years I tried learning the meanings of the decks I had. I have had many different decks over the past 20 years. I told the lady at the store I was having trouble doing readings for myself. She explained to me that it’s hard to do readings on yourself. I tried to do readings for others but I was always having to reference the books accompanying the deck. But I kept practicing, I didn’t use the decks everyday though, only when I wanted advice from them.
There is so much dogma around card reading. People naturally have a fear of the unknown. Many card readers give you warnings of what to do and what not to do. Many people have stories about bad things that have happened to them relating to tarot cards or tarot readers. Every deck and every card for that matter has their own meanings, even a different meaning in reverse. There are also different customs people use to cleanse their decks, connect with their decks, even shuffling the decks has rules. There are also many different spreads to choose from, both traditional and modern.
About 10 years ago, I realized I really wanted decks I could shuffle easily. I have smaller hands, carpal tunnel in my wrists, and I decided I didn’t want to fuss with the bigger decks. I chose the Zerner-Farber deck because I had owned it previously. When I had first owned it, I hadn’t really connected with it, but I remembered how easily I could shuffle it. That is the main deck I have been using since. I started by reading the book to get tips on how to learn the deck. They suggest pulling one card for meditation. I began with that. Soon I started doing the 3 cards for past, present, future. I proceeded to learn Celtic Cross. It still wasn’t a daily thing for me though, and I still had to look up the meaning of the cards from the book.
About a year and a half ago, when I started to receive downloads, I began doing readings on myself again. I was unsure about what was happening to me, I was guided to information on YouTube. I found people on there doing card readings with amazing, helpful information. I became inspired to begin reading cards for myself. I shed a lot of the dogma that I had felt about doing readings. I was still having to look up what the cards though, but I finally felt the cards I was pulling for myself were accurate. I began working more with my guides. They helped me to trust myself and my readings. They finally started to hide the books from me and told me to use my intuition. Your spiritual gifts need to be developed. Its like a muscle, they can atrophy when not being used and need to be worked on to strengthen. One day, I realized exactly what the cards were saying to me. I didn’t need to use the book. I didn’t need to read them like everyone else. I figured out a way that worked for me. I started doing readings for myself everyday, then I started doing readings on others. The readings for others naturally became easier and easier, the messages coming through stronger and stronger. I began to see patterns, I began to see synchronicities, I began to sense the energies stronger. I am really enjoying seeing how the readings come to pass in people’s lives. I enjoy helping others, giving advice they aren’t able to receive elsewhere. I love it when I see my clients successfully healing.


     I thought I would give those of you who are interested in doing readings on others or who are learning card reading some ideas of what has helped me.

Tip # 1 ~Learn what type of gift you have
There are a lot of labels out there to describe what type of gift or gifts you have. I use the labels “Intuitive and Empath” to describe how I will be conducting the readings. There are many different descriptions for psychic gifts. You can find more information on my Pinterest – https://www.pinterest.com/creewoman26/divinationpsychic-development/

Tip # 2 ~ Learn how you receive messages
As you may have noticed, I receive messages through symbols. I can see the symbols anywhere, honestly. I use the rule “If I see it 3 times, I know it’s a message from spirit.” So, for example, if I see roses show up in several readings, I sense the energy of what the symbol means. Suddenly I hear several people speaking of roses, see someone with a rose tattoo, meet some named Rose, etc, then I know the energy of that symbol is important. Other ways I receive messages is through dreams, visions, numbers, and downloads. Downloads is a term used to describe spiritual knowledge straight from Source. I am also clairaudient, however, I hear the voices inside as a thought, usually in my own voice.

Tip # 3 ~ Get to know your guides
Your guides can help you to learn new ideas, show you when information is correct, give you inspiration, guide you who to give messages for. This is your team working with you. Call on them for help. Watch for their signs.

Tip #4 ~ Discernment
I pointed out in tip #2 that I am clairaudient. I do hear voices from other spirits. I have learned, I can trust myself. I choose to only work with my own team of guides. When I receive information I look at how it makes me feel. Do I feel good about the information? Does it benefit my client? How will the information make them feel? Is this really true? Is it common sense?

Galatians 5:22-23  New International Version (NIV)
22 But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, 23 gentleness and self-control. Against such things there is no law.

If I don’t feel this regarding the messages I receive, I let it go.

Tip #5 ~ Find a purification practice
The energies present at the reading can get stored in your cards, in your own body. When I give readings for others in person, I get affected by their energy. If they have pains or anxiety, I can take it on. After they leave, it takes a few days for the energies to disperse. I clear myself through salt baths, smudging, dreaming, and meditation.

Tip #6 ~ Practice self – care
Take care of your needs. Eat a healthy diet, spend time in nature, sleep well, exercise, etc. You may have other responsibilities to care for besides card reading. Look to your guidance for ways to care for yourself.

Tip #7 ~ Ground
Getting information from the spirit realm can cause me to get light headed. I like to eat something filling to help me ground my energy back down.

Tip #8 ~ Yes you can ask for an energy exchange
When you are first starting out, you may just want do readings for fun. Doing readings on others for free helps you get practice in the beginning. It’s up to you if you want to continue doing readings for free, but you can ask for something in exchange.

Tip #9 ~ Fuck all the rules and dogma, make your own rules!
Find what works for you, beware of fear-mongers. Fear can be a result of many different things. If you’re really that scared, maybe you aren’t ready? If you have good experiences reading for others, keep doing what you’re doing.

Tip #10 ~ Pick your tool
There are many other divination tools besides cards. One or more will resonate with you. Or none. It’s up to you how you give readings.

Tip #11 ~ Set boundaries
What can you do and what are you not willing to do? Some people think I can do miraculous things. Some people will try to come over during hours I’m unavailable. Have some boundaries in place to let others know when you can and can’t read for them. People will put you on the spot sometimes – it’s ok to decline. Make your boundaries clear to others. It’s ok to not be all things, to all people.

Tip #12 ~ Ethics
Figure out what is ethical and what is not. Ask your guides to help. I know I personally don’t appreciate people using their energy treatments on me when I haven’t specifically asked for them.  So don’t vibe at me, I’m such a delicate flower 😛 That’s why I use the energy exchange – if someone is paying me, I know they are giving me permission to read them.

Tip #13 ~ Be as emotionally clear as you can
It’s hard to do readings on others when I feel sick, depressed, nervous, sad, or angry. Find a way to clear yourself emotionally. The more clear you are emotionally, the easier it is to feel energy and receive messages from your guidance.

Tip #14 ~ Set an example
You can use your own life experience to help others. Do your work on your own healing.

Tip #15 ~ You may have to do some research
Maybe you have given information to someone you know nothing about. Do some research, you might find it comes up for others, as well.

Tip #16 ~ Find a mentor
Is there someone whose readings you really enjoy? Maybe you can ask them to be your mentor. I love all the readings I watch on YouTube. Finding people with similar gifts or members of your soul tribe can be inspiring. I have learned so much from other readers and it helped me to design my own spreads.

I hope these tips help you. Happy Reading!






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