Scarab Beetle & Butterfly

When I post these messages about the symbols or signs coming to me, some of you will have seen them, too. Some of you will begin to notice them, and some I feel, the messages spark memories of dreams you’ve had with the same symbols. I think it’s cool how it works like that.

Last week, I did a reading for myself where Isis card from Keepers of the Light deck appeared. Each time I pull cards, I am drawn to different symbols. The meaning of each card is always different every time I pull them. Anyway this time, I was drawn to the scarab beetle on her crown. I think I pulled Serapis Bey, too and was drawn to the wing symbols near his head.

Last week, I had a dream I was on a spaceship. First, I was in a dark room with others. They were scared and were telling about terrible things that happened to cause them to appear in that room. One was telling about fireballs falling from the sky. One was telling how all she seen was her community up in flames, but didn’t know where the fire came from. I began to get scared and I went to look for my kids and my mom. I walked out of the room and into a brighter lit room. I was walking around asking people if they seen my kids. No one was afraid in this room. They were telling me, ” Oh, yeah they’re off playing.” One told me, ” Don’t worry, they’re fine.” I couldn’t escape the feeling that I had to find them. I couldn’t escape the feeling that I was looking for someone I knew. I kept walking around, there were people and giant, green beetle creatures in the room. We all had on silver uniforms. I kept walking around and went to one room where Seth Rogan, Jonah Hill, and James Franco were telling dick jokes. I remember thinking, ” Why isn’t anyone around here taking things seriously? We’re on a ship for some unknown reason, I don’t know anyone here, I can’t find my kids and my mom.” These jokers kept trying to make me laugh. I would look at the bug guys, I felt like they were some kind of soldiers, or guardians. I looked past the jokers into a room full of people. They were all sitting down on benches, crowded. The room was brightly lit and the people all had the same silver uniforms on. The people in that room seemed to be waiting. I saw someone I knew. I yelled his name and his face recognized me, too. He stood up and I went to him and we hugged each other. Then I woke up.

For the next few days, I wondered who the beetle guys were. On June 1st, I heard the June Bugs flying at my window. I have faerie lights (white Christmas lights, really) over my window and the bugs are attracted to them at night. The next night, on June 2nd, I went on the deck for a cigarette. A June Bug came flying at me, I was expecting it. I screamed and ran inside. The kids were asking me what was going on. I told them about the June Bug flying at me. I googled June Bugs to show the kids what they were. Apparently, June Bugs are a part of the scarab beetle genus.

For the past few days, I’ve been seeing Butterfly appear. Today, I saw huge yellow butterflies. I went outside and saw sylphs in the sky in the shape of a butterfly. It is widely known butterfly is a symbol meaning transformation. This is because of the life cycle of the butterfly, where they begin as caterpillars to cocoon to butterfly. So I do know there are some major transformative energies here.

Today, I did a meditation to see if I could find out more about why scarab and butterfly are appearing. I pulled some cards, also to try to figure it all out.  I have somewhat of an idea, but I kinda like to see how it’s all gonna play out. During meditation, I was in a peaceful garden full of flowers. Suddenly, butterflies filled the sky. I became a butterfly and I found a beautiful lilac to play on. Lilacs smell different when you’re a butterfly. The smell of sweet flowers filled my whole being. I sat there and called on June Bug. One came, I asked him, ” What are you trying to tell me?” He said, “Listen.” I began listening to music I was playing. I thought he was going to tell me a story, but all he said was, ” A long time ago.” He flew away. I became a june bug to see where he was going. I was flying with a group of june bugs.  They seemed to be soldiers. I listened to the noise their flying wings were making. I felt like the sound was cleaning or clearing the ears or listening. We were suddenly in Egypt. We were headed to the pyramids. I saw some kings and queens, priests, some statues with dog heads. I looked up and there was Orion constellation. Next, I was in a field with my children. We were lying on the ground, in the evening, looking up at Orion constellation.

I then decided to pull cards. I pulled a few cards with butterfly symbology, and the death card. From what I’ve gathered, the transformation has happened in the mind and come from the crown chakra upgrades from last week. They are having a trickle down effect into the rest of the body. There was advice to shield the head, crown, hair, and mind. The transformation is bringing peace, love, and friendship. There is a pull to find others who are like-minded, possibly in the same field of work. I pulled from Orion deck since I kept seeing the Orion constellation in my meditation. They spoke of love. I decided I wasn’t going to write yet, so I went on YouTube. In my subscriptions, was Patricia McNeilly and the title of her video was “Transformative Love.” I love the synchs. I haven’t watched her video yet, but I clicked on another video titled, “It’s All About the Love,” and the ad before the video played was for wordpress. I guess my guides want me to get this down.

Have a good transformative week filled with peace, love, and friendship!




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