June 6, 2017

Good Morning!

Today I pulled from Path of the Soul Destiny Cards.


I’m working on getting a phone to take better photos, I am grateful to use this laptop camera for now.  Card 42 – well, today is 6.6. Six’s energy will be important today. However, I am drawn to the spiderweb in the center of the card. For me, spiderwebs are all about creation and having everything you need right with you. Other energy I feel for today is 4’s. I cut into 4 piles, there is a 4 on the card, and there is the X in the center with four points. With the X, I always think, ” X, makes the spot.” Right there, where the x marks the spot, is the focus of creation, with the light supporting. In the accompanying book, the card is called “Fairies,” and is suggesting to call on the fairies to support with staying heart-centered. Soooooooooooooooooooo –  I had to ask the faerie’s for advice, too.

Bonus card! From The Faeries’ Oracle ~ The Friends 46 ~ Friendship. Support. Aid.


What I tell you  – 4’s and 6’s, eh? On this card are two faerie friends. This card is suggesting to ask your friends for support, but to also check to see if your friends need your support. I am also feeling, because of the way the bottom faerie is holding his friend in one hand and balancing a ball on his feet, we are needing to balance our friendships in our lives. Are we giving too much or not enough time to the friendships in our lives? Maybe, we are giving time to certain friendships, while neglecting others. Because of the energy of 4, we need to think about steady friendships and building on new friendships to make them steady. 4 is the number of foundations, friendships can be a foundation for us.

I keep feeling this energy where we are to gather with members of our soul family. We are to find and help others who are like-minded and awakened. I feel they are looking for us, as well. I think we need to be there for others going through similar journeys and we will find support through them, too.

Have a great day!





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