June 7, 2017

Today is another twofer. I used Keepers of the Light.

Saint Germain ~ Karma Releasing ~ Move beyond drama. Create your own path. Make room for good energy.

From this card, I am again still feeling it’s from the crown chakra upgrades still being incorporated. I see a need for using amethyst. I see a need for more decluttering. Some will need to remove situations and people who are causing drama for them. The crown chakra upgrades are coming in down into the body and need to be grounded. I received confirmation when I clarified with The Romance Angels.

Attraction ~ You attract romantic love by enjoying this moment fully.

There is a need to be outside and ground. Stop to smell the roses. You may feel you are more tired than usual, go easy. Some are having skin issues. You can use products containing rose to help soothe your skin, your mind, your spirit. I like to use rosewater and glycerine for toner, rosehip oil for my skin moisturizer. If you would like me to make a rose oil, it is $22 + shipping. It contains rosewater, rosehip oil, rose damascena oil for frangrance, rose quartz, and is blessed by Holy Mother Mary.  It will be for healing the heart chakra, grief, and can be used on the skin. I do not yet have the rose oil listed in my shop, but email me with your payment and I will begin working on it. Overall, this card is telling me there’s a need for more peaceful situations in our lives – Saint Germain is here to help with helping us to make room for more peace.


Have a great day!




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