June 8, 2017

Good Morning! Hope you had a good sleep, feel rested, and are having a wonderful morning so far.

This morning I prayed, received some messages, so I decided to pull out Orion Council deck to see what they say. I prayed the, “Hail, Mary!” over them. During shuffling, 2 cards popped out and bottom of the deck caught my eye. Today you get 3 cards.

Show them what Heaven is.


This is a continuing theme. I have pulled this card over and over again for about a week. I started out with this card on the bottom of the deck. It’s important.

Higher Beings Support You Now and Always.


Heaven and Higher Beings got our back. Always.

Do what brings you JOY


I feel this card is confirming I am on the right track with where my business is going. I decided to show you guys, too. In case some of you need help figuring out what it is you need to do with your life and in regards to your career. Maybe my neighbour will come back home soon.

Have an awesome day!





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