June 9, 2017

Happy Full Moon in Sagittarius!

Today I’ve pulled a card from Romance Angels.

Religious Factors ~ Your love like is influenced by your religious upbringing and spiritual path.


From this card I am seeing the crown chakra upgrades still in effect. The woman on the card literally has a golden crown above her head. A lot of you are becoming more conscious of Creator’s energy. You are shedding a lot of dogma, old belief systems no longer serving you. With this new awareness, you are able to stand in you power, speak your truth. For some, you will feel called to find others in the same vibration, for some you will search for a partner more in tune with your same beliefs and spiritual paths. For some already in partnership, you will feel the need to communicate to your partner about your new awareness – its ok to speak your truth. The other symbol on the card I am drawn to is the halo around her head. I feel this is the full moon having an effect on the mind. There is more advice for grounding.

Have a great day!




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