June 11, 2017

Today’s card comes from Medicine Woman Tarot.

5 of Pipes


The woman on this card is dressed in yellow and purple. She plays a pipe. She is walking on a path, in the bush, a deer watching her while she plays. Her eyes are watching the deer – it seems she is using music to coax the deer. It also seems she is in another world, the path, trees, and her are in the circle. Outside the circle, she and the deer are surrounded by butterflies, greenery, and a white tree.

I am sounding like a broken record…what do you think I’m going to say this card is about? The crown chakra upgrades still happening. Time to ground. Time to communicate in a gentler way. Spirit guides will contact us through dreams, music, and nature so pay attention. The butterflies are symbolic of the transformative time happening. Do you feel the shift?

Have a great day!




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