One major pattern I’ve been seeing in my readings with myself and my clients is the need to stay grounded. Many are nervous, deal with anxiety, have trouble focusing. Some have patterns where they have many different projects on the go, but nothing gets finished. Some have patterns where they spend a lot of time daydreaming, imagining, listening to their guides, however have trouble taking action to complete the ideas given. And then some have patterns where they have a lot of very good ideas but are unable to focus to manifest them here in the 3D. Some will focus on certain areas in their life, and other areas fall out of balance. Some stay in a pattern of being busy to not look at what needs to be looked at. Some are so busy, its become difficult to hear or listen to the guidance given.

What I feel is happening, and I see this from the cards, is people are becoming more conscious. A lot of my clients are powerful healers, psychics, empaths, starseeds, and are on a path of ascension. Many don’t realize how sensitive they are to the strong energies coming in. When these stronger energies come in, a lot of times I am seeing them coming in through the crown chakra. This can tend to make people feel light headed. When the energies come in through the crown, there tends to be a trickle down effect, where the energies go into the lower regions once they’ve been processed in the crown. Once this occurs there seems to be a need to anchor the energies. Many might enjoy the newer frequencies, however, and want to spend time in them. The energies can cause feelings of joy, happiness, euphoria, awareness of Spirit, and many will receive new insights, new spiritual gifts, new ideas, increased intuition, and inspiration. These are all beautiful frequencies from the higher dimensions.

What I feel is going on with this particular upgrade in the crown chakra is we are being lifted up toward the energy of 5D. We are almost getting cut off from the lower, denser frequencies of 3D. We are feeling lighter. We are able to clear. We are transmuting. We are getting ready for lift off.  Another very good benefit from these energies, is the ability to see from a different perspective. We have been given a vision of our life from a bird’s eye view. Many are seeing the connections, the synchronicities, the signs. However, we still have a mission. We have a planet that needs us. We have people we are responsible for. We have others counting on us to bring the new ideas to life. We have people who need our gifts. We have people who are suffering on our planet. Our planet needs us to care and stick up for her. We really need to focus at this time. This is it guys – it’s showtime!

Grounding can really help with our focus. It can help us to be able to make our new ideas into reality. Grounding can help us to quiet our minds to be able to hear and listen to the guidance given. It can help us understand what we need to do and where to begin. We can be able to take care of what needs to be taken care of, what needs to happen first. It can help us to be able to manifest what we want for ourselves in our life. Grounding can help us take action.

Here are some tips and techniques for grounding. Many of these ideas I received from the readings with my clients. Some are things I have done for myself and work for me.

Spending time in nature ~ Spending time outside in nature has proven healing properties. Nature can help with quieting the mind. This is one of the best ways to connect with the earth. Hug a tree.

Earthing ~ this is a technique where you go outside and touch your barefeet to the ground. This has also proven healing benefits. Wearing shoes such as moccasins can help bring the earth energies up into the body.

Stones ~ In particular, red and black stones. Tourmaline, hematite, obsidian, onyx, smoky quartz, tourmalinated quartz, lodestone, lava stone, shungite, red jasper, bloodstone, staurolite, garnet, ruby, tiger’s eye are all good crystals for grounding. Remember you can use stones to help with the crown chakra and focusing, as well. If you don’t have these stones in your possession, remember we are connected to everything, look at pictures of the stones and connect that way.  You can find more information on gemstones on my pinterest :

Essential Oils ~ IMG_4869
Patchouli, vetiver, balsam fir, frankincense, sandalwood, cedarwood are just some to name a few. Many brands have a grounding blend, and there are many recipes for blends for your diffuser. Try my Chakra Balancing Oil $22 pictured above.


Meditation ~ Just breathe.

Grounding art ~ Looking at or creating art with trees and roots. Red colours.

Grounding music ~ Look it up on music websites, or YouTube

Colour Magic ~ wearing red, looking at red coloured artwork, or burning a red candle.

Herbs ~ the four sacred medicines – Sweetgrass, Sage, Cedar, and Tobacco. Smudging with these will help. There are many tea blends you can look for online or in the health food store.

Foods ~ Root veggies, ginger, garlic, grains, strawberries, and chocolate. Here’s a really good article about what grounding is, and foods to eat –

Exercise ~ yoga poses, martial arts, running, walking, etc. can help you connect to your body and stay in it.

Affirmations ~ here’s a list of 19 grounding affirmations –

I am going to pull a few cards to ask what we need to do to ground:

From Keepers of the Light ~ Kuthumi ~ Cloak of Wisdom ~ You already know the answer you seek. Trust what you know… Looking within for guidance and sacred geometry, such as triangles.


From Medicine Woman Tarot ~ 10 of Bowls ~ spend time with family, celebrate, dance, some may want to wear skirts to allow the earth energies to flow up the legs. Feel your connection to the earth and to each other.


From Orion Council ~ during shuffling, two cards fell out, the advice says:
” Mary knows the walls coming down. Trees will fall but growth comes, when you create around Peace. Mary says, ‘trust yourself.'”
” Mary likes the Priests on your planet. In reality, creating involves priesthood. Necessary to know yourself. To write is important.”
More advice to listen to your own guidance and focus on creating. Maybe making a to-do list will help you to focus on what needs to be done or journaling to write down your ideas and plans. Remember to prioritize – first things first.


I hope this helps you during this time. If you need extra support, you can always contact me for a personalized reading. If you have other tips and trick for us, write it in the comment section.  Thanks for taking a look at my blog, have a great day!




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