June 16, 2017

Today’s card comes from The Faeries’ Oracle…but first I drew a Wish Stone.

Health ~ Learning to handle stress and learning to relax are key elements in eliminating negativity. Think positively about your personal situation.

Today we need to focus on our health and relaxing to eliminate stress. One way to do that is to dance.

Card 36 ~ Spirit Dancer ~ Self-expression. Freedom. Exploration.


From the book; “Now is the time to focus and really concentrate on a project or process, especially one involving the creative arts. Spontaneity balanced by self-discipline will help us achieve our goals. Strive for elegance and simplicity. This is a time to bring out and share qualities that we have nurtured in private.”

In the paragraphs before this one, it speaks of the mirror effect and transmutation, as well. So beautiful, right. One way I really like to be creative is through crafting. I enjoy making potions. In fact, if you would like to connect with your faerie guides and dance with them – I have a potion for that.


Faerie Fragrance Oil $22 plus shipping …smells so good…like a creamsicle…meant to be worn on the skin…not edible….charged to help you connect to your faerie guides with the energies of dancing with the faeries
the wax seal holds in the energies but you can peel the wax off…it wont hurt anything
Ingredients: fractionated coconut oil, vanilla oil, orange essential oil, white clover flower buds, lilac petals, glitter, aura crystal quartz sphere, sealed with wax and decorated with small ball bell

I also had a message about Pow-wow season. This is also about watching dancing, listening to relaxing, uplifting music, and connecting with cultural activities. Remember June 21, is Aboriginal Day here in Canada. There will be celebrations around. For today, spend some time dancing, relaxing, creating.

Thanks for reading. Have an awesome day!








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