June 22, 2017

Good Morning!

Today I felt like pulling from 2 decks. First, I asked Orion Council deck what messages we needed to hear.

“Key to Love is ‘martukah’ Is writing for ‘Love.’ Create nice words, you’ll feel better.”


They want me to send you a ‘nice’ message today… 😀

The second comes from Zerner-Farber deck.

17 The Star



There seems to be another stargate happening at this time. There is knowledge from the stars entering into our subconscious, possibly at night during our dreamtime. For many, this is a time of cosmic connections opening up. Today’s a good day to drink lots of water, do our bathing and purification rituals. There is more advice to anchor the star knowledge into the earth, water will help with that. I see advice to eat corn, fish, and sea food – particularly salmon, and shell fish. Wearing shells, like jewelry with mother of pearl, abalone, or pearls and/or having them in your space can also be of importance. This may be a vulnerable time for some. I am still seeing blockages in the sacral, which may be bringing up many emotions, but the advice is to cleanse them with water, watching them go down the drain. I am seeing some of you with problems in your ankles, having a bath in salt will help with that. Overall, this is an awesome card – it brings good feelings, and is known to many as a wish card.

Thank you for reading. Have an awesome day with filled with everything you wish for!




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