June 28, 2017

Good Morning!

Today’s card comes from Zerner-Farber deck.

Princess of Pentacles


What I see in this card is good things coming our way. Keep your focus on the good things you want, they are coming even though you may not see them yet. It seems there is much work behind to scenes to bring them into reality – so don’t give up, it’s coming. I am seeing advice for grounding, for some you may want to plan a trip to the mountains. There is advice to get out into the sun. There are still parts of yourself you may be hiding. There is advice to eat green, leafy foods and sunflower seeds. There is abundance on people’s minds at this time. Wear long skirts if you feel you would like. There may be some planning camping trips, possibly for ceremonial purposes. This is a good time for that. If you are worrying you can’t afford it at this time, know you have the means to make it happen. There is another fan appearing. This may be advice to “fan” away any negativity¬† or drama you are experiencing – “brush it off,” or “Not Bothered,” type of attitude. Some may be getting contacted by their star family.

Thanks for reading and as always have a good day!




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