A Trip Through The Mountains

Who’s feeling called by the mountains?

My Mom, My Brother and I


I keep seeing this image of mountains appearing over and over. When I turn on this laptop, different images appear on screen. Lately, they’ve all been mountain and rocky landscapes. During many readings this past week, I’ve been seeing the mountains showing up in cards. I know many of my clients are actually planning trips to places near mountains very soon.

In card of the day for June 28th, the card shows the Princess of Pentacles on top of mountains. Today’s card from Magical Mermaids and Dolphins, shows a cliff in the background.

I am feeling like the mountain is symbolizing the ascension process. It’s as though ascending, rising up is like climbing a mountain. There may be more ascension symptoms coming. There is also a need for being stable at this time. There is a need for grounding. There is a need to be strong and mighty at this time. Something big is coming our way.

For some, it is literal. There is a need to go to the mountains to connect. The mountains may be where you connect with your star family. Some may be seeing UFO’s or Orbs in the mountains. Some are needing to go to Ceremony in the mountains.

We’ll see how it all plays out in the cards in the next few days. Let me know how your trip to the mountains goes. Bring me back a rock 😛




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