Did You Forget Something?

Lately in the cards, I’ve been seeing these cards telling us to locate these parts of ourselves we’ve forgotten. Remember from last week in a video I had mentioned I had been sensing it’s time to remember the lost children. I feel these parts of ourselves we’ve forgotten are connected to the lost children. Some of you may have had the feeling that you’re missing something or like you’ve lost something and can’t remember what it is. Some of you have had that feeling your whole lives.

Part of our waking up is activating certain memories stored in our DNA. It’s time for us to remember. Many will remember past lives, many will remember spending lives with our soul mates. Many need to remember and bring back the old ways, the old teachings, the old healing modalities. I keep talking about clearing space for the new energies to come through. The new energies can be the old that were here once before from the times of the ancient civilizations. It’s time to recall and figure out how to access it.


On the 25th, I pulled a card from Orion Council deck. It had partially read, “Reality changes when you awaken the old priesthoods.” A few days ago, I did a personal reading for myself. I received the High Priestess card from the Zerner-Farber deck. The High Priestess is about intuition. When I went on my Pinterest feed later that day, I got about 7 different High Priestess cards, one after another. It reminded me of the card of the day from June 25th. It’s time to awaken the High Priestess and the other old priesthoods. Many of us have important healing modalities and codes from those times. Many of us have connections to the crystals that the old records were kept on. Many of us need to remember the technology available from those times that is still here on Planet Earth. The card pictured below is from bottom of the deck from the card pulled for that day.


On the 27th, for card of the day I pulled from Keepers of the Light. On the bottom of that deck was Radha ~Soul Flame~ Rediscover a lost part of yourself. Experience relationship harmony and healing. We are needing to fire up, light up, ignite those lost parts of ourselves. We need to do this to experience healing and harmony.


Remember we are children of God and born from the Light. We are created in Creator’s image. There are parts of us that are divine. It’s time to remember. When we experience healing, when we can forgive and let go, we will remember. When we can are able to stay in the present moment, we can remember. And then we can share it with the world to help others remember.





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