Learning to Stay Cool While Fangirling

In the cards lately, I’ve been noticing this image of the fan. It showed up for the new moon reading and then a few days ago with card of the day and Princess of Pentacles.  I’ve been trying to understand what the image of this fan represents. From what I can gather, it means many different things. I had mentioned that for some, it is literal. The other day, I took apart my fan to dust it. After I had put it back together, it was working fine. The next day it broke. Now I am needing to buy a new fan. I am feeling it’s time to get our fans working, that we may be experiencing some heat.

The other day I was watching Rich Lux on the youtubes – I love him so much.  He has this fan he opens up and says, “Not Bothered.” To me this is an attitude where we need to not let what others say about us get us down, to not be bothered by the gossipers and criticizers. I feel as though, we need to also have the attitude, where we have too much to be grateful for to let the negativity get us down. Not Bothered. Clock it the house.

Last night I received a vision. I saw a pond with algae bloom and the fans on the side aerating the water. Algae can overpopulate ponds because it likes nitrates. Nitrates are in the soil from manure and fertilizers. The overpopulated algae is called bloom. What happens when bloom covers the water like a blanket is that it doesn’t allow the sunlight in the water. Living plants and creatures inside the water begin dying and the algae themselves die off. As the die off occurs, it eats up the oxygen in the water and the body of water becomes stagnant. In order to keep the water oxygenated and to break up the bloom to allow for sunlight to get through, many people will place fans on the banks to aerate the water. Through the vision, I felt as though we are needing to clear away any negativity in our bodies and thoughts. We need to keep the energy flowing, not allowing for the energies to become stagnant. Keep it moving, keep it flowing. I feel like the fans help with brushing away the negativity. The fan is a symbol of clearing.

Last night, I did a meditation where I felt like I needed to find out more about the fan. During the meditation, I seen a lady on a fancy couch fanning herself with a fancy, feathered fan. I asked her, “What’s so significant about these fans?” She replied, “I don’t know, but it helps me to stay cool.” I then got the message to stay cool, be cool. On the 27th, the card of the day gave the advice to stay calm. I think there have been many situations over the past week that have been teaching us where we need to learn to stay calm. I have been sensing many of you have been involving yourself in unnecessary drama. Brush it off. I have been sensing many of you letting gossip and the negativity of others get to you. Be cool. Don’t let it fester and make you angry. Brush it off and stay cool. I have also been sensing many are slipping into old habits. It’s okay to make mistakes. Making mistakes doesn’t make you a bad person. When others around you make mistakes, it doesn’t make them bad people either. Remember to be compassionate to yourself and others. Try not to be so hard on yourself. Remember we can brush it off and let it go. We can learn from our mistakes and try again by doing something different this time.

For me, there is a new fan coming to me soon. Because I broke the old one, I need a new to buy a new one now. I know I have one client that I saw a fan coming to her. I think it will help clear away any negativity for her and give her strength to help her on her journey. Some of you will have fans coming your way, too.

Thanks for reading and stay cool.







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