So Much Is Happening Behind The Scenes

In my last video posted on Facebook, I had mentioned how I could sense the angelics surrounding. On June 24th, I posted a card from Medicine Woman Tarot deck titled Nine of Stones. This card talked about the seeds we’ve planted are growing. On June 26th, I posted the card of the day from the Romance Angels Oracle Cards. Pictured on the card is a couple surrounded by angels. Then on June 28th, I had noticed on the Princess of Pentacles card it had looked as though there was energy behind her. The energy behind her looks like its headed in her direction. This is everything you’ve been working hard on, everything you’ve been hoping and praying for is coming to you – even though you may not see the results at this time. Stay focused, have faith, its almost here. Then today, Accept Heaven’s Help ~ “You’ve prayed for help, so get out of the way and let Heaven help you.” I’ve been really feeling the spiritual realms busy with getting us in the right place at the right time. I’ve been feeling them working hard on helping us. The ancestors, our star families, and the angels are here surrounding us and assisting us. If we need any help at this time, all we need to do is ask and then allow.

Take care




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