July 2, 2017

Good Morning!

Today’s card comes from The Faeries’ Oracle.

Card 65 ~ The Fee Lion ~ Getting it right. Delayed completions. Tidying up loose ends.


Brian Froud explains about the Fee Lion’s expression as accusing and offended, saying, “You know I have my dinner at five o’clock.” This card is a reminder of things we need to get done. Is there something unfinished? The advice for this card says if we can manage to finish we can have more time for what we really want to spend time on. I feel many of us are close to the finish line for some things, we just need to buckle down and cross the finish line to be done once and for all. I was drawn to his wing that looks like a cresent moon. This may be stuff needed to be taken care of from the new moon. The bottom of the deck is a card I have been getting over and over again on the bottom.

Card 46 ~ Friends ~ Friendship. Support. Aid.


You have support right now to finish. You may need to ask for help from friends.

Thanks for reading and have a good day!




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