July 6, 2017

Good Morning!

Today’s card comes from Romance Angels Oracle Cards.

Look what’s back for us.

Forgiving and Learning ~ As you release and heal the past, you experience more love in your present moments.


This is the second card this week where we have been shown there are energies surrounding to help heal the past. I feel this is connected to the family lineage and the grandfather energies surrounding. Many may need to really look at how you feel towards certain family members. Are you feeling angry, sad, or hurt towards members of your family? It’s time to release and forgive those members of your family. Have certain times spent with family recently caused some stress? It’s time to release it and forgive it. Life is short and too precious to spend being angry at those you love. Hopefully the next time you spend with those family members you can enjoy it and feel the love instead. It may take some learning on your part – to learn how to not allow them to get to you. It may take some learning on your part to accept these certain family members for who they are and learn to love them anyway. You may have to forgive yourself for how you have behaved towards your family. We are all learning in that regard.

Hope this helps, have a good day and thanks for reading.




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