July 24, 2017

Good Morning!

Today’s card comes from The Faeries’ Oracle.

Card 2 ~ Ekstasis ~ Ecstasy. Joy. Rapture. Motivation.


How many times have I read about this card during other readings and now it finally shows up? How many of you where hoping for this card to see what it was all about? This is a card for the new moon – notice the crescent moon on the top of the Singer’s body. From down, up and outward. Like Saturday’s card of bringing forth creation, this card says the same. Like Friday’s card too, when I heard the song, “When You Say Nothing At All,” this card says the same where our ears aren’t capable of hearing sometimes but our soul’s are. From the book, “Ecstasy is not something we can make within ourselves, but something that flows through us when we open ourselves to it. It fills us with power and with the motivation to grow, to become what we have the positive potential of being, and to fulfil our purpose in being here and now on this planet. When we are feeling these surges of joy, we are empowered and we know that we are on an apporpriate track from us, the track that leads to greater meaning and fulfillment in our lives. This card in a reading says, among other things, go for it! It confirms that we are on course, moving in a good direction, and that we are in harmony with the great song. It says great joy and great accomplishment are within your reach.” Wow! I love it. Rapture can also be another word for ascension. So we are in ascension.

Thanks for reading, have a joyous day!





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