July 30, 2017

Good Morning!

Today’s cards come from Zerner-Farber deck. As I was shuffling 2 cards fell out and I’ve included bottom of the deck to help with the reading.

King of Wands ~ Four of Swords ~ Bottom of the deck ~ Ten of Hearts


The King of Wands  is dynamic, dominant, loyal, decisive, goal-oriented, and takes action. He is also a Leo. I feel this card is connected to the new moon reading, where I had been sensing the solar energies and power of the sun. Today might be a good day to get out into the sun. We may even feel affected by the solar flares at this time. If you are feeling bound or stuck, make a decision and work towards that goal. We are protected at this time and may have strong, fiery emotions flaring up. This card comes with the advice to confront your strengths and weaknesses. There is transformative energies happening to get you on track. The Four of Swords asks us to ground these fiery energies through meditation. You may call on Master Buddha for strength and calm during this time. This card is also showing us we are protected. We are surrounded and helped by our guides. Meditation can help us to listen to their guidance and help us to figure out what actions need to be taken. Some may see vertical, horizontal, diagonal, or wavy lines during upgrades. There is advice to eat sunflower seeds. I’ve included the card at the bottom of the deck to remind us that even though we may be going through some uncomfortable energies, what is coming for us is the energies in the Ten of Hearts – celebration, happy family, success, empowerment, and joy! We really just need to ride out the energies happening right now because they are leading us to total happiness.

Thanks for reading, have an awesome day!




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