Bathing To Clear Negativity


I have been practicing a personal bathing ceremony for years. I find it really works well for me to rid myself of negativity. I believe the bathing rituals help with the detox and purging process and can be powerful during Full Moon. I especially appreciate being able to connect to the water element.  I would like to share the routine I use with you – in particular those of my clients whom I’ve suggested to cleanse with the salts and those who have purchased salts from me. This ceremony is not made up by me but I have personalized to make work for me and switch it up according to what I need at the time. Feel free to do the same. Bathing in this way can be helpful for those who feel they take on others energies and can help to recharge if you are feeling drained. This bathing ritual is helpful for psychics and healers who work with clients.

You may begin by creating sacred space in your bathroom. I like to bathe in a clean bathroom – bathroom smells can be distracting. I like to do these particular bathing ceremonies after I’ve cleaned my bathroom well. You may like to light some candles, incense, even create an altar. You can find some bathroom altar ideas on my Pinterest board Sacred Space.  I like to Smudge myself, my bathroom, and my tub with Sage. You can decide to add whichever additives to your bathwater. I suggest Epsom salts, sea salt, pink Himalayan salts, or baking soda. You can add essential oils for healing or to provoke feelings of well-being. Having your bathwater as hot as you can stand it can pull more toxins out of the body. Be careful not to burn yourself, however. Hot water can be drying for the skin, so do remember to replenish moisture to the skin if you choose to detox this way. Another tip I have for using bath salts and herbs is to place the herbs into an organza bag or other mesh type fabric for easy cleanup afterwards. I really don’t mind being in a tub full of floating flowers and herbs – it’s like bathing in a pond. For a more moisturizing bath you can add carrier oils but remember those can clog your pipes – that’s between you and your plumber. There are also products you can use to colour your bathwater for colour healing. You may even enjoy bathing in mounds of bubbles. There are many ways to add a relaxing or healing element to your bathing ritual.

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So now you’re actually in the water. You may take a few minutes to relax in the water. Start by cleansing your feet using cleanser and think about how much your feet do for you. Next, cleanse your legs thinking about how much your legs do for you and so on and so forth, working your way up to your heart. Once you get to your heart, leave it and work on your upper body starting with cleansing your hair thinking of how much you appreciate your hair. Next, you can wash your face thinking of how much your eyes, nose, ears, mouth do for you and so and and so forth working your way down to your heart. You can start with your hair and face, neck, shoulders, arms, and hands thinking of how much these parts do for you working your way down to the heart, then going to the feet, legs, bottom, stomach area, and lower back if you choose. You want to work towards the heart with the heart area being the last part you cleanse. Once you are cleansed, you can drain your water or spend more time relaxing in your water. I find when I am more toxic, sitting around in the bath water can make me feel sick. But if you think about it, you are sitting in water full of toxins. I also find, I can only stand to be in very hot water for only a short amount of time. So I try to only cleanse my body and leave my hair and face for the rinse off in the shower. I do recommend rinsing off in the shower, like I said, you have been sitting in a bath water full of your toxins. After you are cleansed, however, you can drain your tub and as the water drains, imagine all the toxins being pulled from your body and down the drain. Imagine any negativity leaving you and going down the drain. You can send anything you don’t want to carry anymore down the drain. You can sit there until the water is gone. Now it’s time to rinse off in the shower. If you need cooling down, you can rinse off with cooler water. Some people like to stand facing the Eastern direction to invite new energies after allowing the negative energies to leave. After you are rinsed off, dry yourself in the same direction you used cleansing working your way towards your heart. You can use your moisturizer, and place in the same direction, working towards your heart. Once you are done, it’s important to remineralize and drink water. Adding lemon to your drinking water can help or drinking spring water. It sounds involved to bath this way, but it can become habit, and the more you practice – the quicker and easier it becomes. You may find you will detox easy using this method.


Hope this helps and thanks for reading.






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