Extended Message From Today’s Card

Today’s card is Protection from Magical Mermaids and Dolphins Oracle Cards. I wanted to show you what the book says about this card. “Your prayers, which ask for safety and protection, have been heard and answered. Any attacks or threats are now a thing of the past, washed away with the tide of Heavenly love. This love is clearing away any insecurities so that you can feel totally secure.” When I read this, I think of all of those who have spoken to me about how you feel you are under spiritual attack. Know you are now protected. You have been cleared from any of these attacks, threats, cords, implants, energetic attachments, and strings of bad luck – especially if you have been praying and asking for clearing from them. Now it’s time to realize how protected you are and how much love conquers fear. It’s time to now work on letting go of worry and work on letting go of any self doubts still nagging. Our own fears keep us down – not anything or anyone else. Rise above. Notice the golden colour of the card – solar plexus is being worked on today.

Thanks for reading and have an awesome day!




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