August 12, 2017

Good Morning!

Today’s card comes from Keepers of the Light Oracle Cards.

Radha ~ Soul Flame ~ Rediscover a lost part of yourself. Experience relationship harmony and healing.


Quotes about this card from the book: “The Hindu goddess Radha is the divine feminine counterpart and twin flame of Krishna. She is considered to represent ‘Shakti,’ the divine feminine and creative spirit of the universal life-force.” “Loving union, connection and relationship harmony are key at this time. It’s important to remember though, that relationships won’t make you whole – only your own love can do that.” ” You deserve divine love, and Radha, with her Shakti presence, is here to awaken this loving connection with you now.”

The parts of yourself which may be lost might be your divine feminine. It’s time to reawaken her within yourself. The portal energies are still present today although they are beginning to close. Pull the earth energies up to your heart and pull the energies from above to your heart to harmonize the energies there. We are still very protected at this time. We are beginning to balance out our emotional bodies, learning to stay calm under pressure. I had mentioned before that some were having difficulty and felt like they were going against the current. This card is now telling me you’re headed for calmer waters. There is so much going on in this card, but I am really drawn to the peacocks on both sides of the card. To me the peacock is about being as beautiful as you can be and showing off – these may be the parts we need to rediscover – our beauty and our pride.

Thanks for reading! Have an awesome day!




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