August 18, 2017

Good Morning!

Today’s cards comes from The Romance Angels Oracle Cards. This week I haven’t had to cut the deck. The cards have been popping out as I shuffle. Today we get a two-fer.

Religious Factors ~ Your love life is influenced by your religious upbringing and spiritual path.

Heart-To-Heart Conversations ~ Honestly discuss your feelings with each other.


I am sensing with these cards together, that the heart to heart conversations involve talking about spirituality or religion. It could be what’s coming up for people from yesterday’s card, what they aren’t seeing eye to eye on. From the book: “The Romance Angels are helping you to address this issue and they ask you to remain true to yourself during this process. Decide which factors you will or won’t accept in your relationship, and what your priorities are for your partner.” “Although it’s not up to you to change your partner to match your spiritual path, your affirmations, prayers, visualizations can have a positive influence on both of you and your relationship.” If you are currently not in a romantic partnership, remember this can go for other types of relationships in your life. Not everyone has to believe the same and we can still get along anyway. Decide to see the good in people regardless of what differences there are. I included a pen in the picture to remind us there are many ways to communicate if speaking face to face isn’t an option.

Thank you for reading, have a great day!




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