August 19, 2017

Good Morning!

Today’s card comes from Medicine Woman Tarot.

Six of Pipes


From yesterday’s cards, I was very drawn to notice the woman’s neck on the Religious Factors card. To me this symbolizes the throat chakra and communication. In the card today, there is a male deer nuzzling the woman’s neck. Again, throat chakra and communication. This seems to be theme this week, with communication being an overall energy. However, I am sensing, because of Mercury retrograde, we are receiving communications in various forms other than the typical email, text, speaking, etc. I am sensing from this card, that we are going to sense what is being communicated by spirit if we ground. She is kneeling on the ground, with her mouth closed but her eyes open. Keep your eyes open to whats being communicated – you may see symbols, animals, or sense energies. You may get messages through music, notice the pipe flute by her feet. Ground by spending time in nature, touching your bare feet on the earth if you can. Spend time alone, being still, even meditating. Because the deer in the picture is male, you may be getting messages from your divine masculine. Pay attention – he may be communicating to you and you will know it’s him by numbers, symbols, music, animals, etc. Remember separation is only an illusion, your male partner or male ancestors or family members may be communicating to you from the spirit world. You may even have dreams of them. This is a gentle communication, and you may have to feel what’s in your heart to understand the message.

Thanks for reading, have a good weekend guys!




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