August 21, 2017

Good Morning!

I am going to begin by reading the Wish Stone I pulled for the week.

Luck ~ Better born lucky than rich; Focus on exactly what it is you want to plan to achieve it. Think positive thoughts to encourage good luck!

Today’s card comes from Keepers of the Light.

Freya ~ Phrases and Cycles ~ There is a beginning within every ending. Illusions are revealed and released.


As a door closes, another one opens. We are entering a new phase in our lives. This can be a new beginning, and we can restart fresh. There are illusions and old patterns releasing at this time. This new phase will happen until full moon. Watch for the birds who are bringing messages. Be open with your heart. Water is important at this time – drink lots of it and you can use a bathing ritual to clear energetically. I have a bathing ceremony you can use  – Bathing To Clear Negativity. The book suggests we can call on Freya’s warrior energy to help us at this time.

Thanks for reading, enjoy your day!




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