Messages From Animals


Over the past few weeks in the Cards of the Day we’ve been getting the message to pay attention to the birds we come in contact with. But what are the messages these birds have for us? How will you know if a bird has a message for you? How can you figure out what the message is? I’m going to give you some tips and tricks for what works for me. It may help to know what signs to look for. I hope it helps you.

We may have an affinity to certain animals. For example, you may have always grown up loving wolves or you may grow to really love a certain animal at a particular time in your life. You may have always been a cat or dog person. Certain animals have certain meaning associated with them. Sometimes, our guides will come to us in the form of animals. These animal guides may come to you during meditation, as a guide for astral travel, in dream-time, even visit to let you know you’re being watched over and protected. Remember there are many different types of beings in the animal kingdom. There are aquatic animals like fish, whales, dolphins; there are many types of birds; there are all kinds of mammals from small rodents to larger moose and elephants; all types of reptiles and amphibians like frogs, and lizards; and there are insects of all forms we come into contact with on a daily basis. There are even mystical creatures we may believe are only fairy tales, such as, dragons or unicorns. We also can’t forget the animals from the past, such as, dinosaurs.

You will know when an animal comes to you to give you a message. They will get your attention. There may be a moment you share with that animal that makes you feel it’s important or special. You may get an overwhelming feeling that your seeing the animal or animals has a deeper meaning. The first thing is to acknowledge the feeling you have that, yes, this is an animal guide. The more you acknowledge you are receiving guidance from animals, the more common the animal visitation will occur. Pay attention to the frequency of the visitation. If a particular bird or animal is coming around, most likely there is something to it. The animal may come to your attention through other ways than just visitation in the literal sense. You might dream of an animal over and over again. You might be drawn to certain wildlife in artwork. You may read stories or see pictures with a certain animal showing up again and again. You may even see cartoons or words with the name of that animal. The animal symbols may show up enough times to catch your attention. If there is enough frequent times an animal is showing up for me, I know there is meaning in that.

So what is the meaning? Sometimes, the animal is a Spirit Guide in animal form, letting you know they are around. Sometimes, they are bringing a lesson. Sometimes, they are coming to open you up to Creator. Sometimes, they will let you know you are on the right path. Sometimes, they will give warnings.  Take some time in that moment between you and the animal to breathe, quiet your mind, and spend some time in the energy exchange between you and the animal. This may help you determine what type of message it’s bringing. It’s okay to be excited by seeing animals, even if others around don’t share your enthusiasm towards the sighting. It might just mean the visit is for you alone. I feel some people take the animals signs for granted. Some people will constantly get visited by birds, even feeding them daily, so they might not see the importance of the visitation. Like I said, one day the animal may get you attention.

A good tip for determining what a lesson may be is to learn about that animal. Many animals have characteristics that are unique to that animal. Certain animals will only have one mate for life. Some animals are pack animals, some are loners. Learning about that animal can give you an idea about what it’s message is. You may want to look at the colours of animal. For example, black and white animals like magpies or skunks can be a lesson to learn about duality. Pay attention if the animal is male or female. There are many different books, websites, encyclopedias, television programs, documentaries, even museums with knowledge about animals. You may want to ask Elders, your grandparents, parents, or others about that animal. Spend time in nature observing the behavior of the animals if you can. There is a lot of information online written about the symbolic meaning of animals. You may want to look up what different cultures around the world believe about that animal. I like to tell my clients to pray, asking for guidance, and then shield before they begin their research to help them attract the proper information. When you put your questions out to the universe, you will attract the information you need.

Some things to consider in determining the message or lesson can be the behavior of the animal, the time of season, what is happening astrologically, what type of element the animal resides, and how many animals are showing up. Some animals only come out during certain times of the day. You may see many fish during a Pisces moon, or during an emotional time, as water and watery creatures are symbolic of the emotions. Maybe a small rodent catches your attention to remind you to ground. Maybe to catch your attention you see a large group of a certain bird. I remember one morning, when I lived in the city seeing a group of blue jays and woodpeckers. For me, it was a rare sight, so I knew it was an important event. Those birds awoke me to fact of the animal guides and I began to study animal guides. That study led me down a lot of different paths and knowledge. I owe it all to a group of woodpeckers and blue jays. Watch to see how many of an animal you see. Maybe you see couples, maybe families, maybe always groups of 3 or 4, etc.

There are many different signs animals can give. Spending time in nature can help to receive the visitations. If you take a walk outside, look for feathers, tracks, habitats, and other signs of wildlife and insects. Listen to what type of noises they make. Maybe you don’t see them, but can hear them. Pay attention to your dreams and other symbols you come across. I usually get animal symbols coming often during a particular cycle to tell me what the energy’s about. Remember to honor the animals. While you are doing your research, you might learn about their struggles. You may speak on their behalf about the destruction of their natural habitats or their abuse. You may consider donating to a wildlife preserve, or volunteering in an animal shelter.  Think of making bird feeders or feeding stray animals. You may want to have their presence in you space by having artwork or statues with their likeness. You may want to collect the feathers, skin, bones, or antlers you find on walks.  If you are an artist, try drawing or painting the animal.

I hope this helps you to learn to figure out what the messages are. A website I really like is What’s Your Sign –  You can also check out my Pinterest board Spirit Guides:Animal Totems   Have fun learning!







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