August 26, 2017

Good Morning!

Today’s card comes from The Faeries’ Oracle.

Card 44 ~ Lys of the Shadows ~ Healing the shadows. Addictions. Bondage. Self-Esteem.


This card is here to remind us that the solar eclipse may have brought the shadows to light. On Thursday’s cards, we saw that helpful people and friendships are important. This card is all about helping those with addictions. If you are currently active in addiction, you may need to make new clean, sober friendships. The cards from Thursday and today’s card is saying you are supported now to do so. You won’t find these helpful, sober friends at the bar. You’ll find them in meetings and support groups. You may even find them in online 12-step groups. Yesterday’s card showed a woman in bondage with the advice to clear the energy of the past. Today’s card has the same message. This is a new beginning for healing for some. Keep your heart open. Offer support to those who need it, don’t be afraid to ask if you are the one needing support. You may feel weak, but it’s a sign of strength to ask for help. Again, the healers are charged right now and those who have strong prayers are asked to pray for those who need it most. From the book: “If you call on Lys for assistance in helping another, she will always give it, often by encouraging that person to be receptive and others to also be helpful. She always has time to support those who have time for others.”

Thanks for reading, peace.




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