August 29, 2017

Good Morning!

Today’s card comes from The Faeries’ Oracle.

Card 51 ~ The Topsie-Turvets ~ Change of viewpoint. Fresh looks. New ways of seeing.


I love this card – isn’t it cool? If you turn it upside down there are new faeries. This card reminds me of The Hanged Man in the traditional tarot where you get a new point of view if you can see things from a different and higher perspective. Without even reading the book, I know the new way of seeing comes from upgrades to the eyes and third eye chakra. The change of viewpoint comes from the downloads being incorporated. You may have been given important insights about yourself. You may have been given new knowledge. Now you may move forward with your fresh perspective. The number code 51 – 5’s being about change and 1’s being positive thoughts. Keep your thoughts positive about the changes happening. Maybe you feel your life  has been flipped upside down. Good things are going to happen as a result – have faith! Remember the extended message from yesterday’s card – all eyes on us from the higher ups. The tests are not about trial and tribulation. The test is just to gather information. Think of it like a medical testing, the tests you take at your check up, or even a pregnancy test. The tests are just to gather information, so let go of limiting beliefs where you feel your faith or your abilities are tested. Remember the worst is over and we have everything we need at all times within. Upon reading the book, this card shows up when there is confusion. Look inside to your inner wisdom. Pray and have faith that the answers are coming. Paradox and duality is being shed to allow for more understanding of the truth.

Thanks for reading, have a great day!




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