August 31, 2017

Good Morning!

Today’s card comes from Medicine Woman Tarot.

Totem of Arrows ~ Coyote ~ The Four Leggeds


In certain cultures, the coyote can symbolize trickster energy, teaching us the importance of discernment. In the book accompanying the deck, it says this card stands for seeing through cultural illusion. Maybe it’s time to shed these old beliefs we hold about coyote. Coyote can give us many lessons. Coyote may be showing up today to prompt us to learn more about her and the gifts she brings. One thing that stands out for me about coyote is the howling at night. Coyote seems to be a good communicator. Because coyote is a night creature, there may be messages coming at night, so pay attention to your dreams. You may have trouble sleeping, in which case, spend some time during the day to listen to your intuition. There is another message on this card about the four leggeds. Fours are about stability and stable foundations. If you don’t already feel stable, try to get a good foundation of self-care for yourself. From yesterday’s card and the message about the Medicine Wheel, you may decide to look at self-care of the four bodies (physical, mental, spiritual, and emotional). Look for messages from four-legged animals now, especially canine energies.¬† This card is another message about moving forward. Spend some time in the sun today if it’s out. We are also learning new routines.

Thanks for reading, have a great day!




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