September 1, 2017

Good Morning!

Today’s card comes from The Romance Angels Oracle Cards.

This Could Be The One ~ You’ve already met the romantic partner you seek.


I like how we get a number code of one on the first day of September. Synchronicity. In terms of your romantic life, you’ve already met the romantic partner you seek. You may already be with this person and this card is asking to strengthen this bond. If you are single and seeking, you know who this person is. The advice from the book is to invite the romance angels into your dreams to give you clear information about your romantic partner. Upon waking, you may not remember your dream, but you may have a clearer sense about next steps. I love the thought we may have angels responsible to help us in our love life. On the card I am seeing strong angelic guidance again, like Wednesday’s card. There’s a need to ground masculine energies and balance with divine feminine energies.  There is more harmony coming in, with the balance of give and take. You can help these energies along by both expressing love and allowing love to come to you. Listening to music can help. There are more cellular and DNA upgrades. Steady yourself to become stable. You may think about “going steady” with the new partner. Again, the flower of life teachings and circles or sacred geometry may be of importance for some.

Thank for reading, have an awesome weekend!




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