September 4, 2017

Good Morning!

Today’s card comes from Orion Council Oracle Deck.

We are your helpers. If you work on spacecraft, beings will communicate. It is to be.


Here is another card that seems to be connected to cards we’ve had recently. Orion Council is helping and communicating with us at this time. We may be experiencing the communication at night. Pay attention to any dreams you may have where you dream you are aboard spacecraft. You may want to write down upon waking any thoughts, feelings, ideas you have, or the details your dreams. Remember communication goes both ways and you may want to send your thoughts to Orion Council on their spaceship. They seem to be awaiting our communication. Tell them knock, knock jokes lol. Tell them nice words. Maybe you write them a letter instead, that way when you meet them and you forget what to say, you’ll have it written down already.

Thanks for reading, peace.




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