September 6, 2017

Good Morning!

Today’s card comes from Keepers of the Light Oracle Cards.

Mercury ~ Open Communication ~ Get a weight off your chest. Speak up with love, and be heard.


Well look who went direct yesterday. You can look at more information about Mercury retrograde and the past energy – Communications are still happening at night. Again, pay attention to dreams or messages coming through at night. You may be being communicated to by birds. Angels may be bringing you messages and you will know they are around by leaving feathers. The message of “Get a weight off your chest,” is similar to the card from last Saturday and Treasure Chest. Open communication happens from the heart. If you feel heaviness in your heart, fill up your heart with the golden light frequency like the image on the Treasure Chest card. Feel your heart becoming lighter. You may feel the need to vocalize what you are feeling. Find someone you trust to talk to. You may want to look up teachings about the Caduceus. We are becoming healthier, so take care of your health. I like the symbol of retrograde, too – it’s the same symbol for medicine. Mercury retrograde brought us healing – Mercury direct will continue to bring us healing. The flower of life teaching is still important.

Thanks for reading, have a great day!





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