There seems to be so much confusion swirling around lately. People are having a hard time to figure out where they want to place their energies. Remember we are going through some really intense transformations in our lives and many are feeling it in the collective. Many are making changes. It can make it hard for some of us to know where we stand on certain issues when we are presented with new information. Remember, as well, there is many upgrades happening at this time to the head area which includes crown chakra, third eye chakra, and even throat chakra seems to be affected now. Crown chakra governs our consciousness, third eye affects our vision, and throat chakra is our voice. I am seeing a direct connection to the confusion happening in the collective with these upgrades. To help with confusion, it can help to ground. I have an article written with some tips and tricks to help with grounding – Grounding. Some essential oils I like to use are peppermint, rosemary, and lavender to help calm the mind and to help keep focused. Some good stones to help with the crown upgrades is amethyst and flourite. Remember the fruit of the Spirit – Love, Joy, Peace. Our God is a good God. We are loved more than we can ever know. Glory to God. Express your gratitude in whichever way you know how. Pray and say a quick thank you for all that has been given.  Keep focused on Creator’s goodness and love and it can help move you through some of the confusion.

Please contact me if you have questions or need help with confusing times and  I can help with card readings.

I am going to pull a Wish Stone and a Faeries’ Oracle card to help us with the confusion.


Love – Encourage more affection into your life; carry the feeling of goodwill towards men throughout difficult times. Extend the hand of friendship; it may lead to love. Be loyal to your friends.

To me this is a message of getting out of our heads and helping others. Help others who may be feeling confused. Focus on the love.

While I was shuffling, many cards kept falling out of my hands. We have many helpers at this time, please call on your helpers any time you need.

Card 39 ~ Losgunna ~ Sunken treasure. Discovery of Self. Adventure.

Remember the card of the day from September 9th and getting messages from amphibians? Well, Losgunna is the Frog Queen!

From the book: “Faery waters are made up from human emotions, sometimes beautifully clear and sparkling and sometimes disgustingly murky.”

Losgunna like to swim in the murky waters because she knows there are treasures to be found in the murkiest of waters.

From the book: ” Losgunna tells us to pay attention to our dreams, to listen to the murmur of the waters, to note the patterns in the damp, fallen leaves, to listen for the distant, high sounds of angelic music among the stars. She also suggests soothing baths, hot tubs, Jacuzzis, trips to the nearest spa or hot springs, and dips in the handiest sea, pond, or mountain lake. Mud baths also help us quiet down and become strong enough to explore her territory, which is the earth and waters, from the depths to the heights.
As important as it is to explore the inner realms, she tells us that exploration of the outer realms is also vital. She suggests that we go places we have never been, try things we have never done, take classes in subjects we always meant to study someday, maybe even learn a new language and see where that takes us. Explore widely and deeply in our own world so that we develop  the adventurousness of our spirits.
It almost goes without saying that she recommends exploring Faery. She also suggests kissing any metaphorical or actual frogs you encounter to test for prince or princesses–but I don’t know how serious you want to take that suggestion.”

Wonderful! I hope this helps.






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