September 19, 2017

Good Morning!

Today’s card comes from The Faeries’ Oracle.

Card 49 ~ Mikle à Muckle ~ Everyday blessings. Play. Mixed blessings.


I’m loving this card. I feel this card is very connected to the last two cards of the day and creating, self-care, but I missed the play. Here is a piece to the puzzle – play – thank you faeries. From the book: “Welcome adventure into your life Try something you’ve never done before.” Who else needed this card? We are now in new moon in Virgo, time to try new things. I am also seeing more advice to protect the head now. Teeth may be sensitive, so take care of your teeth and gums and know if they are sensitive, it’s related to this ascension cycle. Smile big, anyway! You may want to try yoga. Grounding still seems important. Spending time in nature, again. Eating potatoes and squash is important now. I have good soup recipes posted  – Soups.

Thanks for reading, play hard!





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