September 20, 2017

Good Morning!

Today’s cards comes from Orion Council Oracle Deck. As I was shuffling, 2 cards jumped out and I’m also reading bottom of the deck.

Can you love yourself. It is a part of Creating. Needing to enjoy yourself is involved.

Of righteousness is the lightworker. They have come to planet Earth to align others with their frequency. Share it.

Bottom of the deck: Love is all around the planet. If you were to sense this energy, you would understand why you came to this planet. It was because of Love.


The first card read is very connected to yesterday’s card. We are needing to play to connect with Creator and creative energies. Just as the reading for new moon talks about there being blocks when we aren’t allowing for the energies to flow, this card also speaks about allowing creative energies to flow by loving the self and being able to enjoy yourself. This seems to be very important at this time. The second card speaks about the lightworkers and starseeds who have come to the planet for mission. It’s time to share your frequency to help elevate others. Whatever you feel called to share, share it, whether it’s food, love, your story, your learning, anything. You have gifts, gift it to others. Doing so is the right thing to do. The card on the bottom of the deck is letting us know how much love is here. Try to connect with the love you feel, the love for your brothers and sisters, the love you feel from doing something you enjoy. Try to remember times when you felt love energy and how much it lifted your spirit. Try to share it with others – even if its just a feeling you send out.

Thanks for reading, enjoy your day!





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