September 25, 2017

Good Morning!

Today’s card comes from Zerner-Farber Tarot cards.

Seven of Swords


Today will be important for 7s – follow the 7s. This card shows a woman dodging swords that seems to be coming for her. She is safely making her way through. You may feel as though there is something hard you are needing to pass through, and although it may be tough, know you can make it through safely. You may learn important lessons through passing. I am also seeing some are still blocking the creative energies present. Spirit is watching over you and cheering you on, you can get rid of the blocks, you have what it takes. There may be messages coming at night, so pay attention to your dreams. You can ask your guides or pray to God to help you to remember the important messages coming in your dreams. If you are having nightmares, remember that sometimes our bodies will relieve stress and help us clear energetically through our dreamtime. Some may be feeling stress in the lower back and even having issues with bowel movement – either too runny or constipation. Eating blueberries can help. There is a need for grounding. Using lapis during the day or under your pillow while you sleep can be helpful.

Thanks for reading, have an awesome day!




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