September 27, 2017

Good Morning!

Today’s cards come from The Faeries’ Oracle.

Reversed – Card 45 ~ Taitin the Sylph ~ Acute intellect. Quickness. Mental synthesis. Discernment.

Reversed – Card 16 ~ The Bright Mother ~ Creativity. Nurturing. Productivity. Intimacy. Sheltering.


Both these cards speak about the need for grounding and self-care. The first card speaks about the being too much in the head, and the upgrades in the head we’ve been seeing all week. However, because of these energies going on, we are in need of grounding. Do what it takes to ground yourself and clear your mind. Slow down. Relax. The second card talks about the energies of The Bright Mother. Again, all week we’ve been seeing cards about how we’ve been blocking the creative energies and advice on inviting the energies to allow them to flow. Because this card is in reverse, it speaks to the same. To help unblock, the advice is to nurture the self and in some cases, like the new moon reading suggests, there is a need to seek out professional help – especially for those who are raging or directing cruelty towards others. This is also a warning to those who have been helping others – self care is crucial or we can become burned out – which helps no one. Do your best to clear the blockages and clear deep programing. This card is here to teach us to become better mothers and to help us respect mothers, especially Mother Earth and Grandmother Moon.

Thanks for reading, have a great day!




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