September 29, 2017

Good Morning!

Today’s card comes from The Romance Angels Oracle Cards.

Keep An Open Mind ~ Your soul mate may differ from your usual type and expectations.


The other night I was lying in bed and I started to see stars in from of my eyes. You ever see stars when you are dizzy or lightheaded? I saw those except this time I was lying down. I started to feel my body to see if I was dizzy or possibly lying on my pillow to obstruct oxygen to the brain. I was relaxed, breathing fine, nothing sore. I felt someone was visiting to clear some stuff going on in the brain or mind. The reason I am telling this story is because there is still stuff going on in the head area. When I see all this stuff going on in the mind or head area, I think of upgrades happening in this particular area and clearing of old stuff. Today’s card is letting us know there is still clearing happening in this area – “Keep an Open Mind.” Today we are being asked to clear our minds and keep them open. Again you may want to meditate to slow down your thoughts, slow down any worries. Try not to overthink. Because there is so much focus in the head, I’ve been seeing people confused, paranoid, delusional, and being too much in their heads. Do what you can to clear your mind. The best tip I can give is to spend some time in nature. Do you have a lot on your mind and are having trouble not being able to stop thinking about something that’s been bothering you? Yesterday, we were given the advice to talk about it to a friend and to set a day where we can have fun with friends. This can help you to clear out some of what you may be obsessing about and begin to release it. The second part of this card is asking us to to let go of expectations. Again like yesterday’s card there is much below the surface. Things may not be as they seem at first, but know you can trust yourself, especially if you can keep an open mind and be open to guidance from Spirit. I am seeing and feeling issues in the upper back, shoulders, and neck – this will clear but make it a point to relax. This to me looks like a very social card, its a good time to meet people and get out and mingle. Even spending time with those you know and love dearly may be good for your spirit. Because of all the focus on the head, there is a need for grounding. Hope this helps.

Thank you for reading, have an awesome day and weekend!




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