October 1, 2017

Good Morning!

Today’s cards comes from Medicine Woman Tarot.

Nine of Bowls

Sunset – Reversed


Can you believe it’s already October? Both these cards show movement. The first card shows a couple canoeing towards an island where others are waiting for them. The second card shows a person alone on a horse moving towards the setting sun. It may seem sometimes that we don’t know where we are going. It can bring up many fears of the unknown. Some of us like to feel we are in control of what’s going to happen. The first card is telling me we are being guided. There are beings helping us to know where we are going. There are some who have gone before and can help during this time. You can ask others for advice, or even ask if they can become a mentor. We are almost at our destination. There are others traveling with us, even if it may not seem like it, but all we have to do is turn around and know there is a partner helping. Look for those who “are in the same boat as you.” The destination will have many blessing waiting. The second card is telling me some may feel afraid of moving forward because it’s in reverse. Or they may be trying to stay in the same place. Change is natural and constant. Nothing stays the same. There is transformative energies present, go with the flow. If you are feeling stuck, know the sun is setting on this feeling – you will soon sense movement. I have been sensing there will be delays, but be patient. If you feel you are being pushed and change is happening too fast, ground and center yourself. Know you can do this. This is a time where we are being propelled forward and into certain situations whether we are ready for them or not. Remember its a good thing, and good things are coming because of it. The sun will go down and set whether you want it to or not, but tomorrow is a new day and the sun will come back up and out. Ask yourself, “How good can it be?”

Thanks for reading, have an awesome day!




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