October 4, 2017

Good Morning!

Today’s card comes from Zerner-Farber deck.

Eight of Swords – Reversed


Again, another theme. Yesterday, we got the card of Archangel Micheal from Keepers of the Light. If you look on the card, Archangel Michael has his sword in front of him. This card has a similar image, letting us know we are protected. I keep getting the message about the swords being “the sword of truth.” Carry your truth with you at all times, know it protects you. It will help you to cut through the illusion. I am seeing stuff in the head again, many may be experiencing headaches. This is a message to ground the energies. There is blockages in the bowels again, do what you can to get those bowels moving. Drink lots of water. We are approaching full moon, this is a time of release. I am seeing some more delays, but know you can release anything you feel is stopping or blocking you at this time. We may just have to be patient as some things are “up in the air.” Remember cleansing baths in salt can help with release, but I am also seeing many may want to be by bodies of moving water at this time, rivers, streams, and waterfalls. I am sensing this is a time to remain in prayer and read the Holy Scriptures.

Thanks for reading, peace.




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