October 5, 2017

Good Morning!

Today’s card comes from The Faeries’ Oracle.

Card 18 ~ The Lady of the Harvest


Seems fitting since today is the Harvest moon. Here’s another card with a theme. We’ve been seeing we’ve been given many gifts. This card is telling us the same. This is a time of abundance, remember to be grateful and give thanks for all that has been given. Share the gifts of the season, or your many other gifts with others. Take time to receive. Many will be receiving the “fruits of your labours.” If you aren’t at this time, know its coming soon, be patient and get ready. This is a time of celebrating with others, a very social time. Think of going to fall suppers. Think of volunteering your time, perhaps a soup kitchen for Thanksgiving dinner. This may help for some who have been too much in their heads.

In the book this card means, Completion. Grief. Loss. Harvest. Release. ~ Perfect for the full moon and what we’ve been seeing in the cards with many situations coming to an end. Take some time to release anything you’ve felt has been stopping you from your harvest. If you are dealing with grief and loss, allow others to help you. You may feel the need to support those in grief. If you have been feeling scared to start a new phase or having a hard time transitioning from an old situation that has ended you can call on the Lady of the Harvest to help you to adapt to change and release. From the book: “In this card we see both the patience acceptance of loss and the joyful celebration of liberation.” Also from the book: ” This is a time of liberation, and we may as well cooperate with it. It will happen, whether we want it to or not. Release and liberation may be painful or joyful, depending on the circumstances. Cry if you need to, be joyful if that is appropriate, but in either case trust the process, acknowledge what you feel, and prepare to move on.” Sounds like what we’ve been seeing in the cards from the past few days, as well. Thank you, Faeries!

Foods on the card, I am seeing that may be beneficial at this time ~ apples, nuts, mushrooms, milk, potatoes, squash, all fruit, especially tropical fruits. I am also getting the message from this card that the head stuff will begin to quiet down now.

Thanks for reading, have an awesome day!





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