October 9, 2017

Good Morning!

Today’s cards come from Orion Council Oracle Deck.

Mary likes the Priests on your planet. In reality, creating involves priesthood. Necessary to know yourself. To write is important.

Walls coming down means 9 dimensionality is around you in the toroidal field. Toroidals awaken you to science and with science you evolve.


In the first card, Mary is reminding us there is creating energies present. You may want to write down important thoughts or ideas. You may even want to write out “To Do” lists or planning. This card is connected to yesterday’s Wish Stone of Success and knowing how to begin and what steps to take first. Know you can be successful. We are asked to reawaken the old priesthoods and make them new for this timeline. In the second card, Orion Council wants to remind us of the balancing out between the right brain and left brain. We are asked to balance our scientific mind with our creative, non-logical mind. We are reminded there’s a purpose for all that is going on during this time – to evolve. Today is also the 9th and we are asked to allow for 9D frequency. You may want to research about your toroidal field to learn more. Science is very important now – you may want to look into learning more about nature, physics, biology, chemistry, mathematics,  anatomy, nutrition, metaphysics, etc. There is so much new, the old ways may not apply anymore, it’s time to learn how to manage in a new way.

Thanks for reading, have an awesome day!




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