October 31, 2017

Good Morning! Happy Halloween!

Today’s card comes from Orion Council Oracle Cards.

Mary knows why people are suffering. Uniting ALL has it’s difficulties and we will assist. Can you Love? And you will ascend.


Orion Council is letting us know that today we have assistance. We are also reminded we can call on our Holy Mother if we are suffering. We are reminded of unity. We are reminded to Love. We are reminded we are ascending. Keep your eye on the prize. If you are having body aches or tiredness at this time, it could be ascension related. You can support yourself by eating healthy, meditation, prayer, exercise, rest, smudging, clearing. There are many awakening at this time. Keep others who are having difficulties in your prayers. If you are in need of support, there are those who are willing to help. You can call on Holy Mother Mary or Mary Magdalene for help with healing or clearing. Look for 1’s and 4’s today – 111, 11:11, 144, 1144, 1141, 1414, and 444.

Thanks for reading, have an awesome Halloween!




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