November 6, 2017

Good Morning!

Today’s card comes from Keepers of the Light Oracle Cards.

ODIN ~ Psychic Insight ~ Your third eye is open. See truth for what it is.  Follow your intuition.


From yesterday’s card of the day, we learned many have their spiritual gifts coming in, and those who are already aware of their gifts may have felt them strengthen. Over the past month, our cards were telling us the third eye was opening. This card today is letting us know our third eye is open and our psychic insight and intuition is available. There are cellular healing at this time. Look for messages from the birds – especially black birds or black feathers. Spirals are important again. Know we are protected. If you would like to try different forms of divination, reading ruins might be a good one to try. Our self-care and discernment is important.

Thank you for reading, have an awesome day!




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