November 17, 2017

Good Morning!

Today’s card comes from The Romance Angels.

Romantic Feelings ~ Your feelings are real and worth exploring.


It’s time to turn around and face those feelings. The feelings may be coming up suddenly or have been there and now its time to face them. The 11/11 portal energies are still present allowing us the opportunity to clear some of this old stuff once and for all. There are energies coming from above affecting the masculine and energies coming up from below affecting the feminine. We are in need of grounding – to be in our bodies to feel. The feelings are real and needing examining. It will be worth it. Once you are able to clear the denser feelings, you will once again be able to feel the love. There is some issues with the arms today. You may be hearing news of an engagement or you yourself may be thinking of engagement or becoming engaged soon.

Thank for reading, have a great weekend!




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