November 22, 2017

Good Morning!

Today’s card comes from Zerner-Farber Tarot.

Prince of Hearts – Reversed


To me, this card speaks of charging forward wearing your heart on your sleeve. Because this card is in reverse, I am sensing there are many who feel stuck. There are blockages in the body. Some may be feeling fear of moving forward. When I see the cards in reverse and the characters on the card upside down, I take it as a need to ground. Grounding can help those who feel nervous, anxious, or afraid. Tell yourself, “I am safe, I am protected.” Acknowledging and feeling the fear can help clear it from the body. The blockages I am seeing are in the throat, heart, stomach area, and lower body. Some may be experiencing constipation from the blockages in the lower body. Drinking lots of water, eating foods with lots of fiber, such as raw fruits and veggies, and seeds like chia, hemp, and flax can help with getting the bowels moving again. We saw in the cards of the day a few weeks ago that eating blueberries can help with the constipation. I am seeing that can help again, as well. The blockages in the heart and throat area I am sensing is grief. Journaling feelings and having a good cry can help clear grief and get the energy moving in those parts. I am sensing some are needing to forgive – there are some holding on to anger in the heart area. I am seeing from the crosses and X’s in the card that some are needing to forgive ex partners. Again, you can call on a power greater than yourself to help with forgiveness. Some may like to speak with a priest or clergy for help. Again, there is advice to watch how you are speaking to yourself. You can learn to speak loving words to yourself. Learn how to be compassionate towards yourself. Going for a walk or some sort of exercise, even dancing, can also help get energy moving in the body, even helping with the bowels and grounding. Some may even like to spend time with horses today. The movement will help those who are feeling sore in the leg area. Rose quartz and lapis lazuli are good stones to work with today.

Thanks for reading, have a great day!




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