November 27, 2017

Good Morning!

Today’s card comes from Medicine Woman Tarot.

Two of Stones


Today is another day we’ve been asked to remain in prayer, meditation, center and ground ourselves. Yesterday we were asked to quiet our mind, clear our mind of worry, having good thoughts and good thinking. In Saturday’s card, we were asked to rest and practice self-care around relaxation. Many are feeling the busyness of the season. Many are feeling pushed to get the final stuff done before the big energies coming in for Winter Solstice. We really are on our way forward. But it seems our team wants us to rest up at this time. Many may be feeling fatigued. There have been many intense energies lately and the normal way you rest may not be cutting it. In the Two of Stones, I am seeing balance. Two’s have an energy of balance. The lady on the card seems to be in prayer and meditation. She is sitting by a stream between two trees. You can see from the background there isn’t a forest, there isn’t more bodies of water. She’s decided to rest and rejuvenate here. Take some time today to rest and what helps you to feel spiritually well. Many will need to ground. If you look at the picture of this card, it’s very grounding and relaxing. Some will need to connect with nature. There is also more advice to work with quartz for clarity. If you look, she has her bag beside her. To me, this is more advice to shed the baggage holding you back – even if only until you have rested. I am seeing many are having headaches at this time. Try to rest if you can. I am seeing drinking lots of water is important, as well as, bathing in salt water. Eating foods like potatoes, sweet potatoes, and leafy greens are important now. Some may want to look at aloe vera – drinking aloe vera juice, using aloe vera for skin, for healing, even having an aloe vera plant in your area. I am seeing the woman looking in heart, she has a gold necklace over her heart, to me signifying that treasure chest. Gold, brown, and green are good colours to work with now for stones, decor, clothing, candles, and foods to eat.

I’ve pulled a Wish Stone for us today.

Luck ~ Better born lucky than rich; focus on exactly what it is you want to plan to achieve it. Think positive thoughts to encourage good luck!

Thanks for reading, have an awesome day!




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