December 6, 2017

Good Morning!

Today’s card comes from Zerner-Farber Tarot.

Princess of Swords


We’ve been getting so many communication cards during this Mercury retrograde. Very interesting. What I am seeing in this card, is that we have Spirit guiding us during this part of the journey. The woman on the card looks down at a paper. I see the paper as a letter. The letter is positioned at her heart area. I see this to mean following what’s in our heart and listening to the messages from our guidance through the heart center. She is so focused on the letter, however, she doesn’t see the bump in the road. If she looks up, she will see the butterfly, whom I’m interpreting as Spirit because it’s white, showing her to step up so as to not trip. It may be that we are too inwardly focused that we are not seeing the path ahead. It may be some are still focused in the 3D and not aware of the guidance around. There are golden orbs all around her. I see this as our guides, angels, and ancestors. We have support. She wears a huge hat on her head. I am seeing this as having so much on the mind that we are unable to get the messages. It’s almost like we are blocking our guides’ messages by being too much in our heads. Taking time to ground will help. We are needing to balance air energy with earth energy. The note at her heart may be our “To Do” list or “Christmas lists” we constantly rattle off in our brain. Yes, there’s lots to be done, but focus on priorities and take time to breathe. There is lessons we need to learn at this time on communication. The card is a blue colour showing the focus on the throat chakra. This Mercury retrograde time is a good time to get those lessons needed. This part of the journey will take us to a higher path. I am seeing communication coming in at night from our star family. I am seeing the communication being blocked by electric interference. Are you spending too much time on electronic devices? What can help is placing crystals near your computers and wifi routers. Even having crystals near where you sleep will help. Many of us put up extra lights during the season, maybe we also need extra crystal support, too. It may be that many are experiencing technical difficulties as a result of the Mercury retrograde.  Speaking of crystals, blue, white, and gold stones are good stones to work with now. The ones I use are lapis, blue lace agate, and turquoise. Our intuition is coming in strong. Take some time to nurture it. There is news coming today, if it’s not good news you can call on your spiritual support and remember your strengths and love.

Strength ~ Whether mental or physical strength is required, especially when feeling nervous or anxious; focus on your personal strengths; Be positive at all times.

Love ~ Encourage more affection into your life; carry the feeling of goodwill towards men throughout the difficult times. Extend the hand of friendship; it may lead to you to love. Be loyal to your friends.

Thanks for reading, have an awesome day!




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