December 8, 2017

Good Morning!

Today’s cards are from Path of the Soul Destiny Cards.

Card 14 & Card 25


When I look at Card 14, it reminds me of a sonogram of a woman with child. Many have been working hard towards something. What you’ve been working at is almost here. It looks like the waters are swirling ready to burst and your baby is almost ready to be born. For some it may feel like they are going through a birthing process, shifting into a newer energy and leaving behind the old. It may actually feel like going through a birthing canal. The divine feminine is awakening. There is a good balance between masculine and feminine energies in the body . There is also those looking at their shadow side balancing with their light bodies. There may be news of pregnancies and births, at this time. When I look at Card 25, I see an angel. There is lots of transformation happening, you may not see it happening here, but it will come forth. Again, ladies are needing to care for their lady parts. There is a shift into higher frequency. I am also hearing that, to those who are pregnant, remember your angelic heritage and the child you are carrying is also of angelic heritage. Take care of yourself and your light body. Good stones to work with now are carnelian, selenite, moonstone, onyx. Eating orange foods are good. When I see both of these cards together, I am seeing to take the steps necessary to bring the love and lightness into our lives. Our consciousness is expanding.

Another perspective of the cards…to me it looks like she’s giving birth to an angel …and it’s a girl 😀


Thanks for reading, have an awesome weekend!




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