December 24, 2017

Good Morning!

Today’s card comes from Medicine Woman Tarot.

Four of Bowls


A good reminder to drink lots of water at this time. We may be needing to balance out fire energy with water energy – take a comforting bath. We are in need of grounding. If you have been feeling overwhelmed by being busy or crowds of people or company, take some time to get away by yourself for few moments to gather some calm. This card is a good reminder for those in recovery from alcohol to take time to do your self-care to remain sober for today. You may be feeling tempted by the holiday celebrations or triggered by family gatherings, but remember you have a good foundation of sobriety. Reach out if you need to, but some time alone to regain your calm can help. Some may be feeling lonely or dealing with grief. Our ancestors and loved ones in the Spirit world are with us at this time. Honour the love you feel for them. We are needing to balance out head and heart which has been a theme for the past few days. Some may be experiencing headaches, drinking lots of water can help. We are thinking about what we are wanting to achieve in the next year – we are planting the seeds for the future. This is a time of indulging, however, think about eating greens, fruits, and sprouts. Nurturing ourselves, our ideas, and spending time with family is a good foundation we have now.

Thanks for reading, hope you’re all having a great holiday!





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